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Learn to sail while exploring the coast of Croatia!



Learn to sail on a 8-day holiday around the stunning Croatian Islands. This sailing adventure will get you confidently hoisting the sails, pulling ropes, and dropping anchor in the stunning coves of Croatia's coast. Your Skipper Instructor will be on hand to give you the confidence and knowledge to safely sail a 45-foot sailing yacht all the while exploring destinations reachable only by boat, swimming in turquoise bays, and spotting wildlife (if you're lucky)! Your adventure awaits, and no prior sailing experience is necessary!













Your sailing journey begins here! 

Are you ready for an adventure where you learn the ropes, and explore stunning bays, islands, and towns scattered off the coast of Croatia with a group of awesome people?

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Welcome to Croatia! Arrive to Split and transfer to the ACI Marina, where your sailing adventure begins around 15:00. Meet your skipper and fellow crew members for a drink atop your yacht and get ready for an immersive week of sailing and exploration!

Upon boarding the vessel, you'll divy up the cozy cabins, which will be your home away from home for the next week. Gather on deck for a safety briefing, where you'll be introduced to safety protocols while sailing. After some introductions, you'll head into town to stock up on provisions for the next week and will come together in the evening for a welcome dinner in the beautiful fortress-like town of Split. 


Following the first night's rest on board, you and your crew will bid farewell to land. As you leave land you'll gain experience leaving the dock and unfurling the sails for the very first time! The skipper will guide you through each step of this process, so don't be afraid to jump in! Today's all about getting comfortable on board and learning the basics. 

Throughout the week, course content and schedule may be adjusted based on the weather conditions. We'll focus on repetitive learning to build your confidence and experience, making sure everyone has the chance to take the ropes!


Today we will continue our learning on the basics of sailing along with the important skills of navigation and chart reading. We will go over the handling of emergency procedures as well as maneuvering in different conditions and how teamwork and leadership play an important role in sailing. We will practice anchoring and mooring and learn how to anchor in an environmentally safe way and why this is important. There will also be some time for swimming and snorkeling at one of the clear coves along the route! With your first full day under your belt, tonight you can kick back and relax in the port of Milna as the sun goes down.


Day 4 and you are growing in confidence, so today its about building upon the knowledge you have gained so far. We will improve our understading of emergency procedures, maneuvering in different conditions, anchoring and mooring, with plenty of practice of getting the sails positioned for optimal sailing. Weather and time permitting we will anchor for another swim-stop and our second seabed survey for our community research program. 

This evening, the plan is to dock in Hvar. Hvar is one of the most talked-about destinations in Croatia. With over 2,000 hours of sunshine each year, this island is the perfect spot for sun-seekers looking for a buzzing nightlife and breathtaking views from its spectacular fortress. Follow the footpath to the top and take the climb - you will not be disappointed! Hvar is also home to some of Croatia’s best nightlife, with an endless array of bars and clubs that will keep you out into the early hours of the morning. If the marina in Hvar Town is full, you can dock in nearby Palmizana Bay, a short water taxi ride away from Hvar. Not only is this a cheaper option with regard to docking fees, but it's also a great opportunity to explore more of the island and discover its hidden gems.


Today's program is about putting what you have learnt into action - practice makes perfect afterall! We will go over many of the things you have already learnt, making sure all participants are feeling confident in thier practical and theoretical knowledge. Tonight we dock in Vrboska, the most picturesque village on Hvar island, so much so, it's referred to as 'Little Venice'.

Take time to explore the charming streets of Vrboska, appreciating its unique architectural beauty. As always, you can choose to prepare your dinner on your yacht or take a day off and eat at one of the many options available on land.


Set sail to the other side of Hvar island today and stay overnight in Stari Grad, which is Hvar's second largest settlement and one of Europe's oldest towns. Along the way you'll continue to put your sailing skills to the test, and will rotate with the rest of your crew so each person has a chance to try various skills needed to set sail and navigate to your next destination. On arrival, you can choose to relax by the sea, taking a refreshing dip or wander around the town on foot, exploring the cobblestone streets and small squares. Don't miss out on the chance to enjoy the many bars, cafes, and restaurants along the harborfront as the sun sets. If time allows, you can also choose to join an optional wine-tasting excursion to a small vineyard from Stari Grad, where you will have the opportunity to sample fresh olive oil, wine, and cheese from the UNESCO-protected Stari Grad plain. 


Day 7 and you're feeling like a pro - you're at the helm and have the wind in your hair - this is what it's all about!

But we aren't done yet... we will cover off all the topics that you have been learning throughout the week, how to navigate, read the charts, use your teamworking skills to maneuver in different conditions and how to dock and moor safely.

This evening, explore Split and its many hidden cafes, bars and restaurants strewn throughout the palace walls before enjoying your final night with new friends!


Bid farewell to the stunning landscapes, hidden gems, and newfound friends you've made along the way, as you check out from your yacht by 8:30 am and say goodbye to your sail instructor. From learning new sailing skills to exploring sustainable practices, this journey has been an opportunity for personal growth and appreciation of our planet's natural beauty. Bon voyage!

What's Included

What's Included


Breakfast daily

Welcome dinner


Skipper instructor

Insights into marine sustainability & hands on experiences

Completion certificate

Community facilitation

Personal travel insurance

Transportation to and from Split, Croatia

Approx. 250-300€ contribution to shared "kitty"

Other personal expenses

Your Stay

Croatia Sailing – Standard

Croatia Sailing – Standard

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Night Sky

Night Sky is 45ft Benetau Oceanis 45 sailing yacht designed with both style and comfort in mind.

The yacht sleeps 6 guests in 4 cabins with 2 bathrooms.

Its spacious outside dining and seating area make it perfect for accommodating a group of course participants for both practical and theoretical learning onboard.



In sailing, a "kitty" typically refers to a shared fund or pool of money that the crew contributes to for various expenses while on a sailing trip. It is also known as a "boat kitty" or "crew kitty." The purpose of the kitty is to cover costs such as provisioning (food and drinks), mooring fees, fuel, repairs, and other miscellaneous expenses related to the voyage.

Each member of the sailing crew contributes a certain amount of money to the kitty at the beginning of the trip or periodically throughout the journey. The kitty is managed by a designated person on board, often the captain or a crew member assigned to handle finances.

Having a kitty system helps ensure that everyone shares the financial responsibility of the trip and can enjoy the journey without having to worry about individual expenses. It fosters a sense of camaraderie and teamwork among the crew members, promoting a smooth and enjoyable sailing experience.

On this trip, we estimate that each traveler will need to contribute between 200€ and 300€ into the shared kitty depending on the group's spending habits. These funds will contribute to food onboard, drinks and marina fees. Crews can ultimately determine how much should be contributed to the kitty.

The course will be held at ACI Marina, Split, and check-in will commence at 12pm on day 1. The course will finish at 8:30am in ACI Split Marina on day 8. 

Food and drink are not included in your experience. Each yacht is equipped with a kitchenette including a gas stove, oven and kettle. There is a small grocery store at ACI Marina in Split as well as the many stops during the week. This way you can pick out exactly the food you'll prefer for breakfast and lunch at sea. In the evenings you'll have a wide variety of restaurant options. Croatia has delicious, locally-grown food, and your skipper will be happy to recommend the perfect restaurant for your group. We recommend budgeting 20-25 Euros per person, per day for food (but this can vary if you plan to cook meals on the boat vs. eating out on land).

Sail Training: Navigation, safety, basics of sailing, navigation and chart reading, rules of the road, maneuvering in different conditions, docking & mooring, emergency procedures, teamwork and leadership.

Sustainability & Conservation: Marine pollution, wildlife conservation, responsible anchoring and mooring, fuel and energy efficiency, sustainably provisioning, environmental regulations and certifications, community involvement. 

Accommodation will be mostly double cabins with some twin/bunk cabins. If all cabins are in use onboard a yacht, the Skipper will use the salon seating area to sleep in, which converts to a double bed.   Please note that crew cabins are not equipped with a bathroom, meaning that the Skipper will require access to a bathroom.

Cabins are small, yet cozy. Most spend relatively little time in their cabin outside of sleeping. You should expect to share your cabin with other travelers. Cabins will not be pre-assigned. You will have the opportunity to split cabins between travelers on arrival.

While you’re welcome to bring whatever kind of luggage you like, we recommend bringing a soft-sided bag such as a backpack, rucksack or duffel bag. Soft-style bags can be stowed away under the floorboards, giving you more room during the week.

The Croatian Islands are relatively protected (due to the fact that there are over 1,000 of them!). Thanks to neighboring islands offering protection from the wind, cruising through the Dalmatian islands is a wholly enjoyable experience! The custom-built small ships that operate within the fleet are built specifically for comfortable, smooth sailing. Unlike major cruise liners, ships don’t travel on open seas, ensuring that land is usually always in sight! Each night your ship will dock in a new destination, ensuring you have plenty of time to explore the quaint Old Towns and that you enjoy a restful night's sleep in a protected harbor! Of course, seasickness is always a possibility on any vessel. If you have past experiences with sea sickness, it's a good idea to pack some sea sickness tablets for nausea just in case. 

The short answer is no; this is not primarily a party-oriented trip. Nevertheless, the dynamics of each crew vary, so if your crew's vibe leans towards enjoying a sundowner each evening or occasional late nights out, there might be room for such experiences. The crew holds the responsibility of deciding how much alcohol is purchased during provisioning, the frequency of land visits, dining out, and exploring bars and clubs. However, it's important to note that the trip's core focus is centered around providing you with the foundational skills of sailing. We hope that every crew fosters mutual respect and strikes a balance between seizing the moment and getting some good nights of rest for a fresh start the next morning.

Our Skippers work hard to provide the best possible experience based on weather and marina conditions. Our aim is to make sure you have an amazing week! In light of this, the itinerary and destinations visited may need to change during the week in lieu of changing weather conditions, but that just adds to the adventure!

Yes, towels are provided for showering. Please note these are for indoor use only and you will need to bring your own beach towel with you. 


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