KILROY RE:DISCOVER - Terms and conditions


General duties of the customer

The conditions below apply to purchases from a travel consultant at KILROY or via online purchases of group concepts otherwise powered by KILROY, such as re:discover.

General terms of purchase of air tickets made online can be read here.

The terms here regulate the contractual relationship between you as a traveler and KILROY, according to and implemented in accordance with, the Law on Package Travel and Compound Travel Arrangements (Act No. 1666 of 26/12/2017)

Agreement conclusion:

The agreement is counted as concluded by timely payment of the partial payment or of the full price of the trip, as specified in the agreement. As a traveler before this time, you have received these common conditions.


If you default on your part of the agreement as far as payment, including partial payment, KILROY reserves the right to cancel the agreement. In such cases, KILROY is entitled to payment of the amount that the traveler would lose under the rules of the cancellation section.

Travel documents:

Travel documents and other correspondence are sent without undue delay to the mail/mailing address you provided to KILROY in connection with the conclusion of the agreement. As a customer, you are obliged to provide the contact information necessary for us to contact you both before and during the trip. In doing so, always remember to check your spam filter.

When you receive your itinerary and travel proposal, immediately check both thoroughly to ensure that all information is correct and consistent with what you have booked. In particular, it is important that the itinerary, which is also the electronic ticket, is thoroughly checked. The first and last names of your travel documents must be identical to the names in the passport(s) used on the trip. If there is a discrepancy between the travel documents and the order, KILROY should be contacted immediately. If there is an error in the submission, we will try to correct it, but you must bear the costs yourself if the error is due to the disclosure of incorrect information on your part. If it is not possible to correct the error, KILROY cannot be held responsible.

You must also ensure that special requests appear in your travel documents or are otherwise documented. Otherwise, you cannot later invoke such special agreements. Please note that the information provided in your travel proposal and itinerary is valid in the event of deviations from KILROY's general conditions


You must be in possession of a valid passport with a minimum of 6 months validity after travel, as well as other documents necessary for the completion of the trip, including visas and documentation of required vaccinations.

It is your own responsibility to obtain a visa and, if necessary, a transit visa. The processing time of the visa application may vary depending on the country concerned. We, therefore, recommend that you investigate this in good time, especially if your trip involves visits to several countries.

Please also note that there may be special restrictions when entering single tickets. You can examine this with the representations of the respective countries. If you have visited a country with yellow fever in the last 6 months, check to see if there are special entry requirements for your destination.

It is your responsibility as the traveler to fulfill all vaccination requirements in order to enter your destination.

Travelers with reduced mobility:

It is important that you inform KILROY of all necessary and relevant information about your special needs prior to booking your trip. In doing so, we can provide the best possible guidance on your trip and whether its sub-content will be suitable for you.

Timely arrival to the destination:

It is your responsibility to be at your destination by the outlined arrival time and arrival date on which your experience is scheduled to start. In some cases, we suggest you plan to arrive 1-2 days in advance. In the case that you are delayed, it is your responsibility to reach out to KILROY to notify us about the delay. If your delay results in missing the initial experience start date, you as the traveler are responsible for any costs associated with getting to where the group may be. 

Rules of order:

As a traveler, you must comply with the code of conduct applicable to all KILROY subcontractors such as hotels, airports, and means of transport.

You must act in such a way that your fellow travelers do not feel bothered. In serious or repeated cases, an inappropriate performance may result in you being expelled from further participation in the trip. In such cases, you are responsible for your own repatriation and the costs resulting therefrom. Likewise, in the event of expulsion, you are not entitled to receive any refund of the price of the trip.

KILROY is not responsible for public authority activities including, but not limited to, police action against you as a traveler in connection with inappropriate conduct. In such situations, you will be responsible for any expenses associated with this and may not make a claim against KILROY or be entitled to a refund of the price of the trip.

Transfer of travel:

Travel purchased from KILROY is non-transferable as we are subject to the restrictive rules of our subcontractors. This means, among other things, that you cannot change the name of your ticket. If the transfer is important to your trip, you must specifically draw attention to this when booking the trip.

Media rights:

By purchasing a re:discover tour, travelers agree to grant KILROY permission to all picture and video material taken during the experience in which the traveler occurs. Should the traveler choose to share photos or videos from a re:discover journey, KILROY reserves the right to repost this material. This content can be featured by KILROY in relation to its business, including marketing, product feature, promotional, advertising and other consumer-related activities on KILROY's website and/or across social media platforms. If this can not be accepted, the traveler (agreeing party) must, on their own initiative, step out of all group photos taken during the experience and must give KILROY written notice that acceptance has not been given via email to

Cancellation and travel insurance:

KILROY strongly recommends that you take out cancellation insurance. Cancellation insurance must be taken out no later than when the trip is paid, regardless of whether a partial payment is used or if the full price of the trip is paid.

Likewise, it is important that you have travel insurance that suits your trip and the activities you need to participate in and which during your trip covers expenses such as illness, accident, and repatriation.

We recommend that the insurance is taken out through KILROY so that the coverage matches the booked travel arrangement. Please note that if the return journey is changed to a later date than the original one, the travel insurance must be extended accordingly. This is your sole responsibility.

KILROY facilitates the sale of travel insurance at the same price as with the travel insurance company. KILROY receives a commission for this from the travel insurance company.

To read more about your insurance options click here.

Cancellation by customer 

All trip deposits are non-refundable. Trip deposits vary in amount and are clearly displayed on each trip page. Travelers are not entitled to a refund of their trip deposit in the case that they cancel their participation on a re:discover departure.

The remainder of the trip balance is due 65 days before departure. In the event of a cancellation within this period the following conditions apply:

Cancellation by KILROY

In case of cancellation by KILROY, the following conditions apply:

30 days or more prior to tour start: KILROY reserves the right to cancel a tour for any reason. Travelers are entitled to a full refund or trip credit including the deposited amount.

29 days or less to tour start: KILROY reserves the right to cancel a tour due to unusual or unforeseen circumstances outside KILROY’s control (Force Majeure). Travelers are entitled to a full refund or trip credit including the deposited amount. 

If KILROY cancels a tour or changes the service booked, the customer may choose between a full refund, or any alternative tour offered. If the alternative tour is less costly than the canceled tour, then KILROY will refund the difference. If the alternative tour is more expensive then the customer must pay the difference.

KILROY is not responsible for any incidental expenses or consequential losses that the customer may have incurred because of the booking being canceled such as visas, vaccinations, non-refundable flights, or rail, etc. 

Amendments to the agreement concluded:

Package tours

"What is a package holiday?"

A package shall mean a combination of at least two different types of travel for the same journey, provided that they have been offered together or have been offered in advance and sold together and if the total service is more than 24 hours or includes accommodation:

  1. Transport
  2. Like
  3. Car rental (or other motor vehicles)
  4. Any other tourist service which is not an insoluble part of the travel allowance as defined in points (a to c) and (c)

Price changes

After the conclusion of the agreement, KILROY may make changes to the agreed price of the package tour in the event of any change in:

The calculation of these changes shall be made in accordance with the following examples:

Agreed price



New price

DKK 3,000 - of which fuel surcharge: DKK 200

Fuel surcharge increase: £5

$20 + $5


DKK 3,000 - Of which taxes: DKK 500

Increase in taxes: DKK 100

$50 + $10


Notification of an increase in the price shall be notified as soon as possible after the increase has been decided and at least 20 days before departure.

Changes to the package after the conclusion of the agreement:

The traveler's changes to the package tour (Note! Purchased under "Book with confidence"):

If you wish to make any changes to the package tour, please contact KILROY as soon as possible. If you wish to change* your trip more than 35 days before departure, this is possible. We will change your trip without payment if the following conditions are met:

*Please note that changes to your plans are subject to availability and that there may be changes in price due to the season or availability.

For all other package holidays

If you wish to make any changes to the package tour, please contact KILROY as soon as possible. If according to our subcontractors' conditions, it is possible to change the package tour, you will have to bear the additional costs that the changes entail. KILROY is not required to make any changes to your trip. If you wish to make changes that due to the above cannot meet and you wish to continue to change, this is considered a cancellation of the package holiday on the agreed cancellation terms and a subsequent new booking.

KILROY's changes to the package tour

Insignificant changes:
Before the start of the package, KILROY is entitled to make unimportant changes to the package without your consent. As a traveler, you are obliged to accept such changes if, before the start of the package, KILROY informs you clearly and clearly of the changes in question before the start of the package and without undue delay.

Other changes:
If KILROY before the start of the package either;

... you have the following rights:

KILROY is obliged to contact you without undue delay and to inform you of any significant changes and any impact they may have on the price of the package.

In his inquiry, KILROY sets a reasonable time limit for informing you of your decision and states that the consequence of not meeting this deadline means that you are considered to have accepted the changes.

In certain situations, you may be entitled to compensation if a financial loss has been suffered as a result of the above significant changes unless the reason for this is due to unavoidable and exceptional circumstances.

Termination of the Agreement:

Right of withdrawal For the purchase of package holidays, there is no right of withdrawal, cf. Section 18(2)(1) and Section 7(2)(5) of the Consumer Contract Act, which excludes passenger transport from the scope of the Consumer Contract Act.

Cancellation of the package - general provisions

For package holidays purchased under "Book with confidence":

When you cancel your trip more than 35 days before departure, you will only lose the service fee. If you wish to cancel your trip more than 35 days before departure, this is possible. We will refund your deposit if the following conditions are met:

For cancellation of all other package holidays:
You can cancel package tours, as well as trips where only car rental, hotel accommodation, or adventure tours, are arranged through KILROY according to individually calculated cancellation fees. The fees will appear in your travel proposal and order confirmation. You may, without paying a fee, cancel a package before the start of the package if there are unavoidable and exceptional circumstances at the destination or in the immediate vicinity which significantly affect the delivery of the package or the carriage of passengers to your destination.

In order for the person you can cancel without paying the fee, the inevitable and exceptional circumstances in question must, on the basis of an objective assessment, make it impossible to travel safely to the destination, for example on the basis of guidance or statements from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the health authorities, etc. See and

In the event of a fee-free cancellation, you are entitled to a full refund of the price of the trip but are not entitled to additional compensation from KILROY.

However, the fee-free cancellation right does not apply if at the time of conclusion of the agreement you knew or should know the event in question, or if the event was otherwise widely known If you cannot cancel free of charge according to the above, the general cancellation rules mentioned above apply. For round trips, you only have the right to cancel the part of the package holiday that takes place in the discouraged area. However, if this part of the package is an essential part of the package, you have the right to cancel the trip altogether.

Refund of travel paid with gift cards
Canceled or canceled a trip paid for with gift cards, a refund will be made in the form of the issuance of a new gift card. If partial cash and partial gift cards have been paid, the refundable amount will be divided according to the same ratio of gift cards and transfers to credit cards or accounts respectively. The new gift card issued will be valid for 3 years and cannot be exchanged for cash. 

Travel defects and complaints 
If a defect is found after the start of the trip – during or at the destination – you must immediately after the finding and without undue delay, invoke the defect against KILROY, or our representative on site. The latter may be the subcontractor to which the defect relates. If KILROY's representative or subcontractor cannot or will not remedy or does not, in your opinion, remedy satisfactory, you should invoke this directly with KILROY. You must ensure that the complaint is noted by a representative and/or subcontractor on-site – for example through a notice in a hotel book or in other written form. In addition, you should make sure that you receive a receipt for the complaint. If such a complaint does not occur, you as a customer will lose your right to claim the defect for the purpose of a possible compensation/refund.

If you wish to make a complaint to KILROY after completing your trip, this must be done no later than 3 months after returning home.

Termination of the agreement

Limitations on KILROY's liability

Air carriers are directly responsible for the proper implementation of transport under the Warsaw and Montreal Conventions, EU Regulations 889/2002 and 261/2004, and the Aviation Act.

KILROY limits its liability to the limits in force at all times set out in the Warsaw and Montreal Conventions (air transport), the Athens Convention and EU Regulations 392/2009 (maritime transport), and the COTIF Convention and EU Regulation 1371/2007 (rail transport). Kilroy's liability cannot, therefore, exceed the amount applicable to carriers directly responsible for the carriage.

The applicable SDR rate (XDR) is available on

The maximum compensation limits under the Warsaw and Montreal Conventions are set at:

The limits on maximum compensation under the Athens Convention and EU Regulation 392/2009 are set at:

So-called "valuables" are not replaced according to the rules.

The limits on maximum compensation under the COTIF Convention and EU Regulation 1371/2007 are set at:

If liability for the carrier is not limited by other EU or international conventions, KILROY limits its liability to three times the total price of the package.

Flight only

KILROY is the sole intermediary of air tickets on behalf of the airlines. It is the carrier with which you as a customer enter into an agreement, just as it is the carrier that is responsible for the correct performance of the agreement and has the carrying responsibility. This is in accordance with Article 100a Warsaw and Montreal Conventions, EU Regulation 889/202, and The Aviation Act.

In the event that your airline goes bankrupt (and you have a ticket to Denmark) the above means that you can direct your claim to the Travel Guarantee Fund, which will make sure that you come home from an already commenced trip. If there are funds left in the pot, you will be able to get a refund of a ticket you cannot use due to the bankruptcy (however, there is a certain deductible).

Making claims after the end of the journey

Claims for compensation and/or proportional refusal of the price of the journey – due to defects that have been properly advertised and which have not been remedied by the tour operator – must be made to KILROY within a reasonable time after the end of the journey. Otherwise, you will lose your right to claim against KILROY.

The complaint may be sent to

Access to set-off in the payment of compensation and/or compensation

When forwarding any complaint, you must state whether you have also applied for compensation or compensation from the carrier on the basis of EU regulations on passenger rights and liability in the case of passenger transport and in accordance with the international conventions that also govern this relationship.

If you have received compensation and/or compensation from the carrier, KILROY is entitled to offset compensation and/or compensation under the Package Travel Act in the compensation and/or compensation that you have received from the carrier.

Jurisdiction and Choice of law

If agreement on a claim and/or amount etc. cannot be obtained by complaint to the tour operator or intermediary, the traveler can refer the complaint to the Package Travel Appeals Board, Røjelskær 11, 3rd floor, 2840 Holte.

The package travel appeals board's website is

Right of appeal Package holidays

Complaints to the Package Travel Appeals Board may also be made via the European Online Dispute Resolution Platform on The tour operator's e-mail address is for use

As a result of membership of the Danish Travel Agency Association, KILROY is obliged to comply with orders from the Pakkerejse-Ankenævnet, unless the association's Board of Directors grants an exemption from this requirement because the order is to be appealed to a Danish court, cf. the association's articles of association.

Any disputes and disputes arising or arising from the creation and/or fulfillment of a given agreement and which cannot be resolved between the parties alone or before the Package Travel Appeals Board must, if the parties wish to bring the case, be brought before the Danish national courts for final decision and will be subject to Danish law unless otherwise provided by Rfor. It is also in accordance with the commission's information on the application of the Rome Convention of 1980.

Guarantee in the Travel Guarantee Fund

In the event of bankruptcy, KILROY has guaranteed reimbursement of our customers' payments from:

Travel Guarantee Fund, Røjelskær 11, 3rd floor, 2840 Holte.