Re:discover is a new travel concept that has personal growth as the central purpose. What is common for all re:discover journeys is that they're meant to give you three things: new perspectives, skillsets, and friends for life. 

You get new perspectives when you put yourself in a new position and give yourself time to reflect. Combining this with a new set of skills, and a new group of people and you have the perfect recipe for personal growth. 

Removing yourself from the stresses of life back home and focusing on the present moment, connecting with other travelers, pushing your own limits outside others' expectations of you will give you the opportunity to return home refreshed and renewed. 



You are likely in your mid 20's to mid 30's – unsure of where to go next. Whether that's relating to your career, your relationships, your life in general. You want to rediscover what truly matters. You don't want to escape life – rather, you want life not to escape you. You might feel like you're headed down the wrong path or maybe you're not going at the pace you imagined. 

You're ready to get away from the daily grind, hit the reset button, and figure out what you truly want from your life. If it feels like your old friends have new priorities (such as partners, children, careers, hobbies, etc. – you get it), and you're ready to join a group of kickass travelers on an adventure of a lifetime, now's your time to find your journey

You are not the linear type who goes through life like most people. You just need a bit of a nudge to go off the beaten track that you're so tired of and instead immerse yourself in a new skill, in a new place, with new people. Well, here it is. A re:discover journey is your next-level travel experience curated with your personal growth in mind. Don't miss out on this opportunity to get a renewed perspective on your life in just a couple or so weeks. 



Travel is powerful. It enriches lives, lends new perspectives, and offers the opportunity to see new places – but it’s more than that. 

Travel is a change agent that can transform who you are or help you be a better version of yourself. Adding meaning can make a journey infinitely more fulfilling resulting in a truly life-changing experience. 

From adventures focused on self-improvement to service-centered excursions or retreats to build upon a new skill – the options for purposeful travel are truly limitless!   



A green thread of sustainability is intertwined into each of our itineraries focusing on slow, intentional travel. In small groups, travelers will participate in immersive experiences that acknowledge the local environment and the community members who call the destination home year-round. 

By primarily working with small, local suppliers, your journey contributes to the local economy and makes your experience that much more authentic and unique. Whether it's participating in environmental projects, immersing in local culture and heritage, or going completely off the beaten path, all of the re:discover journeys incorporate initiatives to provide travelers with the opportunity to learn more about the impact their travels make, and to maybe make a lasting difference along the way. Sustainable travel is often more unusual and unforgettable than you'd probably imagine – it truly can elevate your experience!



KILROY is a travel company specializing in worldwide conceptualized and customized journeys tailored for young people and their life stages. Since our early beginnings, our purpose has been to make traveling easy by offering tailor-made, thoughtfully curated, and affordable trips for young people. Re:discover is a KILROY concept.


Browse our most frequently asked questions below.

Re:discover journeys are for travelers in their 20s and 30s, looking to shake things up and join an adventure where you can pick up a new skill, make new friends, and get away from the daily grind back home. We expect that the majority of participants will come from Northern European countries, however, all nationalities are welcome! The common language will be English, so you need to feel comfortable speaking English throughout the entire trip – otherwise, you will have plenty of time to learn it, which is also a great challenge! 

In short: Maybe your new best (international) friends.

Our goal is to create a tight-knit group of strangers who become friends along the journey. Because of this, we keep our groups small. Group sizes vary depending on which trip you choose, but you can expect to travel in a small group of around 8-12 people.

Yes! Each re:discover departure will get access to a private online group where you can virtually meet the other travelers. Here, your Community Facilitator will share resources and tips before you take off and you can choose to coordinate your transportation together with the rest of your group to your starting location – or to make plans to extend your stay!

Each re:discover journey has its own unique starting and ending point. You can learn more about these trip-specific locations directly on the itinerary page. You have to sort out your own transportation to the starting point and home from the ending point – but we're confident you can find your way. You will have the fun opportunity to e-meet the other members of your travel crew before departure. This way you can choose to coordinate your transportation together if you are departing and returning to the same destination.  

You should wait to make any airfare (or in some cases, train) arrangements to your re:discover journey's starting location until your trip is confirmed. This usually happens around 65 days before departure, but sometimes happens before. You will be notified by your Communtiy Manager once you have the green light to proceed with any bookings!

Travel insurance is required for all travelers to ensure your safety throughout the trip – both to be on the safe side in a post-pandemic world and in general. If you do not have travel insurance, reach out and we will share some options!

Accommodation will vary depending on which journey you choose, but you can find out more in the trip-specific FAQs.You can always expect to have your own bed in comfortable and safe accommodation. On some journeys, accommodation will be completely private (we're talking a converted Mercedes Actros that transforms into a double-decker stay on wheels, or a desert oasis miles from the nearest settlement), while other journeys may include more traditional accommodation at hotels or boutique hostels. Regardless of the trip, we can assure you that you'll get a good night's sleep after the days' adventures!

We understand that everyone has their own unique creature comforts but always recommend packing as light as possible! Some travelers will show up with a backpack, while others will have a trolley. Whatever you choose, please make sure you can easily handle your own luggage. Remember, at times you may have to navigate cobblestone streets, load your luggage for a transfer (train, local bus, etc.), or carry your bag up several sets of stairs. It is important that you can manage whatever you choose to bring. 

Trip-specific packing recommendations will be sent out in your departure pack and will vary depending on the location and activities involved. Don’t forget to leave some room for the goodies you pick up along the way!  

Transportation to the journey starting location is not included in the outlined price. We strive to give travelers the freedom to plan their own transportation since some may choose to extend their stay or continue onward to another destination. Each participant is responsible for their own transportation. In most cases, you will need to fly, however, for some of the journeys based in Europe, train is a great option! Have questions about your transport options? Get in touch with us! 

Yes, of course! However, it is important that you are still willing to open up and socialize with other travelers on your trip. Since our groups are small and filled with like-minded adventurers, we believe that coming with an open mind and openness to connect with new people will truly elevate your experience.  


In most cases, no. In some cases, yes. 

Some prefer to join a journey with a friend or significant other, but most of our travelers depart without knowing anyone in advance! Meeting other interesting and like-minded people is a great reason to join solo!

All travelers are required to follow any requirements outlined by the destination country on arrival. It is your own responsibility to be aware of such requirements such as entry forms, tests, or proof of vaccination (but we will help where possible, of course!)

If travel to a certain destination is no longer allowed due to national government restrictions, you will be offered a trip voucher or the option to transfer to another location.

Travel insurance is required for all re:discover travelers. We highly recommend that you get travel insurance that covers cancellation (and cancellations due to COVID). This is especially important if you fall ill before departure and are unable to travel. Travelers are not entitled to a refund if unable to travel due to illness - but this is where insurance comes in handy!

While we hope this isn't the case we understand that life happens. If you choose to cancel your participation 65 days before departure you are entitled to a full refund, minus the deposit amount. Trip deposits vary in amount and are clearly displayed on each trip page. 

To learn more about your cancéllation options view our Terms & Conditions.

Easol is our payment provider for the KILROY re:discover journeys. Creating an account during checkout allows us to offer deposit payments making the checkout process a whole lot smoother (for us and for you)!. Easol will not store any data on your behalf and does not add any additional costs to you.

Did we not answer all of your questions? Not to worry – you can always ask! There are no stupid questions. Well, not a lot anyway. We're always happy to help – even if some questions might be silly to us, if we haven't answered them clearly, it's on us. Plus, we love it when you get in touch!

This is your chance to rediscover your life. Not to escape it, but for it not to escape you. Are you ready?



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